Turkish Delight

The Turkish Delight is finished at last and it was certainly worth the effort.  The only worry now is if it will last until the weekend before being consumed.  I used my home-made rose water to colour it – I think it turned out really well! Anywho, I promised the … Continue reading

My recipe for labneh

My recent cheesemaking spree has yielded results!!  My first ever batch of labneh is ready! Labneh is a fresh cheese of Middle-Eastern origins that is absolutely delicious and VERY easy to make.  You can make it with plain yoghurt bought at the supermarket or you can make it from scratch … Continue reading

Dong Po Pork – The Reckoning

One of the most popular things on this blog is my recipe for Dong Po Pork. It’s basic, easy and delicious.  Could it be possible to make it even better? Well….. Yes. The original recipe I used was very basic and used only a few ingredients.  The new improved version is … Continue reading


Well, it’s official.  We have exchanged contracts and now have a house.  We’re currently negotiating when we can move in, but it’ll be sooner rather than later. Which is just fine by me as the disaster in the backyard keeps getting worse.  So far we’ve had tree-loppers next door with … Continue reading