Movie: Julie & Julia

Dedicated readers will possibly recall that this blog started soon after I finished reading a little book called “Julie & Julia”.  Well, I’ve just been to the movie and enjoyed it thoroughly.  Amy Adams comes across a little sweeter perhaps than the real life Julie Powell does in her book, … Continue reading

Rose Water and Colouring

I’m in the process of making a couple of kilo’s of Turkish Delight.   The cooking part is over (thank goodness – it’s a hot day and standing over the stove for an hour nearly killed me!) and all that awaits is the cutting and flouring.  Everything went very smoothly and … Continue reading

Attack of the Vampire Spinach

Well, actually, it’s more properly called Rainbow Chard – so named because the stalks come in a variety of colours.  The yellow is just as bright but not as spectacular, and there is also pale pink, white, pale yellow and an almost orange colour.  Honestly, I haven’t altered the colours … Continue reading