Vanilla Panna Cotta with Rose-Scented Berries

At the moment, I have terrible hay-fever.  My sinuses are blocked and aching.  My face feels like it’s gone a few rounds with Mike Tyson.  I look in the mirror and expect to see two black eyes staring back at me.  Everything is flowering for Spring, and in Australia that … Continue reading

Turkish Delight

The Turkish Delight is finished at last and it was certainly worth the effort.  The only worry now is if it will last until the weekend before being consumed.  I used my home-made rose water to colour it – I think it turned out really well! Anywho, I promised the … Continue reading

Midwinter Blues

I’m tired of Winter. It’s been the coldest, hardest winter I can remember.  (Well, as cold and hard as it gets in Australia).  There was sleet in Sydney, for heavens sake!!!!  For the first time in my life I’m actually pining for the hot weather to come, even though I … Continue reading