Attack of the Vampire Spinach

Well, actually, it’s more properly called Rainbow Chard – so named because the stalks come in a variety of colours.  The yellow is just as bright but not as spectacular, and there is also pale pink, white, pale yellow and an almost orange colour.  Honestly, I haven’t altered the colours … Continue reading

Naan Bread – A Very Easy, Authentic Recipe

I love fresh naan bread.  I eat too much of it when we go to an Indian restaurant because it’s never so good as when it’s fresh.  I have bought pre-made naan to go with curries and they have universally been disappointing.  One brand that I bought for a dinner … Continue reading

Banana Cake with Lime Icing

As regular readers will know, I got some beautiful cake pans into stock before Christmas.  Well, I resisted temptation for as long as I could before finally succumbing today and abducting some from the shop for my very own.  My rationale is that I can hardly sell something if I … Continue reading