Movie: Julie & Julia

Dedicated readers will possibly recall that this blog started soon after I finished reading a little book called “Julie & Julia”.  Well, I’ve just been to the movie and enjoyed it thoroughly.  Amy Adams comes across a little sweeter perhaps than the real life Julie Powell does in her book, … Continue reading

Spotted! (And just in time for Summer)

I finally found that Woolworths is now keeping eggwhites in the freezer section!  Look for a 900ml carton with a cartoon weightlifter on a royal-blue background.  Price is about $6-7. So happy! Now I know they’re being marketed as a health food (eggwhite omelet – can you think of anything … Continue reading

One Thing After Another

If the pending house-buying wasn’t enough, there was a news story on Channel 10 on Saturday about poisonous moroccan tajines killing people with lead!!!! As it turns out, ONE particular importer in South Australia only was selling the defective items (and possibly, it was a case of people buying decorative items … Continue reading

Mrs Beeton’s Just Desserts

Following the arrival of my fancy cake pans, I knew that I’d seen a wonderful old-fashioned colour plate of desserts done in high-Victorian style from similar moulds.  I finally went through my decaying 1889 copy of Mrs Beetons Book of Household Management and located the colour plate I was thinking … Continue reading