Stock Arrives!

At the moment I’m sitting in the middle of a stack of packing material – the first two of my orders have arrived and I’m happy as a pig in mud!  The Japanese knives are truly beautiful and I hope that I can do them justice when I start photography tomorrow.  The tagines are beautifully rustic although the larger sizes (and the larger paella pans) are on backorder – the importers just don’t carry too much stock, obviously.  This is something I’ll have to bear in mind when we get going.

The basic website is up and I’m basically just waiting on the back-end stuff to be finalised.  While The Husband is working through that and integrating it into our database, I’ll be photographing, writing up the Terms of Trade (oh bloody legalese – how I hate thee), pursuing my printer for business cards and trying to sort out other fun logo-y bits.

Other than getting an order rolling for the French copper-ware (luscious stuff – 8-10 week turnaround) I need to URGENTLY find a supplier of cast iron cookware.

You wouldn’t think that finding a plain cast-iron grill pan would be that hard.  I mean, they’re on every bloody cooking show so you’d think that the general public would be clamouring to have them (and they might be – I don’t know), so why are they IMPOSSIBLE to find?  I found mine at the Reject Shop last year, of all places, and it cost me all of $9.  It’s small and pretty rough, but for $9 I don’t care.  I DO care that the next similar pan is Emille Henry for an enamelled pan with a slightly longer handle that costs about $140.  Bugger the enamel (time certainly will!) – $131 difference is a bit hard to swallow.  Is there no middle ground?

If anyone knows of a supplier of basic cast-iron ware in Australia, let me know.  I will give a reward to anyone who can point me in the right direction!

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  1. Mark Kelly says:

    The Lodge Cast Iron Cookware rep agency in Austrailia is Zoratto Enterprises P/L
    Contact: George Zoratto
    phone: +61298922500

    Hope this helps. Lodge is the sole domestic manufacturer of cast iron cookware in the US. We are a 112-year-old family owned company.

    If you need any more information, contact me at my e-mail address.


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