So much for Valentine’s Day!

I had such wonderful plans for this blog for Valentine’s Day – I was going to do one hell of a post, put up one of the best ever recipes for creme caramel and post photos so delicious you’d lick your monitor.  As with all great plans, there were some hiccups.

Our internet (and phones) died for two whole weeks.  I ended up watching far too much daytime TV and I’ve not really recovered.

The creme caramel that I made was tasty but I used a new pan and it didn’t turn out well.  As in, slightly less-than-perfect.  Which is just not acceptable!

And then my stove died (at 49 years old, this is actually good news as far as I’m concerned).  Roll on kitchen renovation at long last!

At this point, I’ve given up on creme caramel.  The stars have not aligned.  Clearly it’s a sign that the world is not yet ready for such amazing texture and deliciousness.

Given my lack of oven-ness, I’m wondering what would be an acceptable substitute to the creme caramel.  What are your thoughts on…say…tripe?

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