Quick & Nasty Mongolian Lamb

In honour of the new quick & nasty masthead for Voodoo Kitchen, I went right out and made Quick & Nasty Mongolian Lamb which is – despite the name – very tasty indeed.

And it goes like this;

Put some rice on to boil and then thinly slice about a half-kilo of lamb.  I used tiny little rump steaks sliced finely across the grain but you could use any meaty cut for this.  I only used the rump because it was (for lamb) amazingly cheap at $10 a kilo.  Stir-fry over the highest heat possible with a good amount of fresh-ground black pepper until nicely browned but not over-cooked.  Set aside.

In the wok, put in a little peanut oil (or similar high-temp oil) and fry up one julienned leek, a carrot and some red capsicum.  Add a good splash of soy sauce, oyster sauce, chinese cooking wine (try to find a low-salt version if possible), a spoonful of honey or a big splash of maple-syrup, some hoisin sauce, a splash of black rice vinegar, a small splash of sesame oil and cook until the vegetables are “done” to your liking and the liquid has evaporated slightly.  Add the meat back in and check seasoning.  Add some five-spice if liked, or ginger, garlic and chilli.  Or all of the above.   Thicken with a corn-flour & water slurry and serve with rice.  Feel free to vary the vegetables as whimsy takes you.

Now, I DO add MSG to some of my meals and, frankly, I don’t much care what you think.  I could go on the defensive and point out to you that most of the hype about asthma and MSG is complete bollocks (and I’m more than happy to refer you to the relevant research) and that your healthy vegan tomato (amongst other things) is quite high in MSG.  But that would be dignifying your frothing-at-the-mouth stupidity.  If you are the sort of person that believes what your friendsmothersbestfriendsauntiesbrotherintlawslawyer tells you they found onawebsiteinabookOprahshowedonTVintheNationalEnquirer without applying some critical thought, then you’re not really the sort of person I care to associate with.


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