Idiot-Proof No-Bake Chocolate Torte of Doom

First, find yourself two or three packets of chocolate-flavoured biscuits (cookies, even).  I like to use Golliwogs (now, for your Politically Correct pleasure, these have been rebranded as “Scalliwags” but retain the same cartoon golliwog shape).  DO NOT USE CHOCOLATE-COATED BISCUITS!!

Take your golliwog and drown him in a half-half mix of hot water and the booze of your choice (I’ve made this with Bailey’s Irish Cream, Framboise, Kalua and Fra Angelico).  That is, dunk the cookie a couple of times.  Quickly lay on a plate.  Don’t make them so soggy they fall to pieces.  Repeat until you have a neat base and try to aim for a oblong log-shape.

Whip some heavy cream with sugar until very stiff.  Spread a layer on the dunked cookies.

Repeat dunking and layering.  Repeat cream layer.  Continue until you either run out of cookies or cream.  It’s nice to finish the mess with a layer of cream which you then sprinkle with cocoa.  Cover carefully and refrigerate overnight.

Serve the next day sliced into small pieces and doused in raspberry sauce (see Chocolate Voodoo cake recipe).

This is quick, cheap, easy and never fails to impress as the texture transmutes into a mousse-like torte overnight.

BONUS: You can make this with gluten-free cookies for coeliac sufferers.  You can use sugar-reduced cookies and use sweetener in the cream for diabetics.

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2 Responses to Idiot-Proof No-Bake Chocolate Torte of Doom

  1. debra says:

    Thanks so much , my Mum used to make us this cake…now she is no longer with us and i thought the recipe had gone to heaven with her,..she did a variation and added some coffee to the mix…very continental …yummo! thanks again!

  2. ninazer0 says:

    Dear Debra,

    I’m so glad you like the recipe. I’ve had a version with coffee and it was delicious! It’s definately a “mum” recipe – I got it from my mum too.


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