I shouldn’t watch TV

I shouldn’t watch TV – it gets me so upset sometimes.  I’ve largely given up watching news on TV because of the sheer amount of it that is so bad.  I don’t need to know about the murders, fires and other disasters that happen around the world.  Unless it’s happening in my street or to my fairly small circle of family and friends, I don’t want to know.

So, when I do watch TV, it’s for the light and fluffy entertainment.  You know – the occasional movie or food show, a comedy or something along those lines.  I can’t watch soaps, sit-coms or crime shows either – I can feel brain-cells dying and if I”m going to kill brain cells, I’d prefer to do it with alcohol.

Anyway, what I did watch the other night was Gordon F*cking Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares – he was trying to organise a restaurant that had been recently purchased and which was going backwards at a rate of knots.  At the end of the show, I was completely aghast, and it had nothing to do with Ramsay’s swearing (my language is far FAR worse than his).

Firstly, I couldn’t believe that anyone who owns a restaurant could have completely NO IDEA about what goes on inside it.  If I’d just spent the equivelent of over a million dollars on something, you can be sure that I’d be going through it with a fine tooth comb!!!  The owner clearly had no clue whatsoever about food, cooking or what her so-called chef was doing.  She clearly bought the place because of the happy memories she had there (she’d been married there years before) rather than because of any clear-sighted business reasoning.

Secondly, I can’t believe the owner didn’t twig to the fact that her chef couldn’t cook.  The place was huge and it was mostly empty despite huge portions at low prices.  Sure – the decor was a bit dated and apparently the menu was too – but if the food is good, people will turn up anyway.  There was one part of the program where my mouth was hanging open.  The chef was making some fish dish for Ramsay, who’s response was something like “It’s okay but it would be better without the scales”.  And, although there’s a chance that I misheard the reply, I would have sworn the chef said something like “I didn’t have time”.

Didn’t have time.  To scale the fish. 

If it had been my restaurant, I would have fired him on the spot.  If that’s his idea of time management, he’s not good enough.  But I don’t think it was about having time, I think  that he just forgot.  But he should have said so.  “Sorry – I was so rattled with the film crew here that I forgot”.  Or even “Sorry – that was so-and-so’s responsibility to prep and I didn’t catch the mistake.”  But “didn’t have time” was the dumbest excuse I’ve ever heard.  Would you not have time to cook a steak so you send the raw meat out to a paying customer??  I think not.  And to then have the effrontery to try such a pathetic excuse was, for me, the final straw.

Anyhow, long story short, I turned off the TV at the end (the chef buggered off to serve microwave food in a pub and the owner eventually replaced him with someone who could actually cook) completely aghast at the stupidity and criminal negligence displayed.  Good lord.  I begin to understand why there are so many cafes and restaurants that open and go bust within a few months.  Scary stuff.

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4 Responses to I shouldn’t watch TV

  1. sweetrosie says:

    I saw an episode over Christmas where the sone of the owner/head chef had a massive drinking problem and got carted off to hospital in the middle of the show!
    Apparently the food was awful and whole plates of it came back to the kitchen.

    I don’t get it, really I don’t. Whenever I start doubting my employability, I just have to look at one of these shows and I’m feelin’ okay!

    BTW: have you seen that awful chef, pretty wife, 100 unruly kids, goes to Devon or Cornwall or somewhere like that? Bought a restaurant with Angel in the name? NOW there’s a pain in the arse….

  2. ninazer0 says:

    Face like a papercut? Persistent whinger? Oh heavens, yes. Made me want to reach through the TV and slap all of them – him for being such a whinging narcissist, the kids for being such spoiled brats and her for putting up with the whole mess. I read recently – and without the slightest trace of surprise – that he’s currently in the middle of a messy divorce and has closed and sold the restaurant.

    At the moment, the only food shows I watch are the SBS Food Guide to Australia and Rick Stein’s canal-boat-through-France series (oh the scenery!! the food!!!). Oh, and Iron Chef. 🙂

  3. sweetrosie says:

    aahh, you get all the gossip. Really, I figured he must have had money, or she had the first of all those babies sans marriage…. he really was a tool.

    I’m loving Food Safari. I wish they’d make another series of Food Lover’s Guide. With uni coming up I’ve had the most fantastic excuse to spend big $$$ at Amazon this week. I’ve got a king’s ransom of food books coming my way! No recipes – just food writing. Pure joy for me.

  4. ninazer0 says:

    Gossip = Wikipedia.

    Oh, now I’ve got a bad dose of envy about your coming book stash!

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