Fevered rambling…

Well, I’ve had a cold for the last couple of days and I’m feeling terrible.  I made an enormous vat of chicken noodle soup with plenty of chilli, ginger and garlic (and some great frozen dumplings I found in Woolworth’s, of all places) and so far His Nibbs and I have gone through two pots of this stuff.  I think that’s about 6 litres all up.  It does help.  The chilli and friends helps clear out the stuffy nose, the garlic keeps everyone away from you and the salty liquid replaces the atrocious amount of snot that goes into the tree’s-worth of tissues I’ve used.  The human body shouldn’t be able to produce those sorts of colours.

Sorry about the grossness of the last part, but I’m not feeling well enough to be polite.

There is some good news in that I think I’ve managed to score a free freezer.  It’s a complicated chain of favours that I can’t be bothered setting down here but the upshot is that my manager at work will bring in a small upright freezer (I think about 150 litres) sometime in the next week.  Which means that Christmas preparations can commence!  (I must be feeling better if I can think about Christmas food!)

Before I even knew about the freezer (and before I got the cold) I bought an entire beef rump as I’m sick of the terrible beef I’ve been getting lately.  I trimmed it up (and have about a half-kilo of fat to give to my mother to feed her magpie and kookaburra friends)(I thought about rendering it down but couldn’t be bothered) and divided it down to the sub-primal cuts.  Most went into my small freezer but I kept out one lovely piece and have it sitting in the fridge.

Now, I’d never had a frost-free fridge before this one and it’s been interesting.  Because it’s so dry in the fridge, I have to be really conscientious about covering things, but the dryness actually has its uses.  I’m considering making biltong and also braeseola and I think that using the fridge to dry the meat might be a lot better than the traditional methods.  Heat and humidity in Australia do things to food that most Northern Hemisphere recipies simply don’t account for. 

Whoa.  Time to go lie down…

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