Boning a chicken

I was thinking that I should probably do some posts that focus on technique – the difference between muddling through something and being shown the tricks and shortcuts is HUGE, and there’s nothing quite like seeing something and having that “Aha!” moment.

However in all honesty, I can’t go past this video by Jacques Pepin.

He makes it look so easy and his explanation is clear and concise.  The fact that he still has his outrageous French accent after living so many years in the US is a bonus, in my opinion!  His explanation of how to bone a wing and make a chicken “lollipop” was one of my original “Aha!” moments.  Wings become something other than fiddly cheap bits better suited to making stock or messy nibbles.

If you’re going to eat meat, then these days I feel that you owe it to the living thing that will be your food to do right by it.  By “right”, I mean that you should waste as little as possible, use all parts of the animal if possible, and aim to do the best you can.  By using a whole chicken you will not only save money by not buying the “easy” fillets but you will gain a little creativity in the roasting department AND take an important step away from the modern concept that there are only certain “worthwhile” or desirable cuts and a lot of rubbish.

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