A Good Day

I’ve had a kilo of minced beef suffering quietly in the fridge since Monday.  I’ve been going to make something with it for days but came down with some bug (presumed viral) which laid me flat with headache and nausea from Monday through to Wednesday.  Yesterday afternoon I made a vat of my excellent sneaky bolognese sauce and had to call it quits – I just didn’t have any energy left.

Today I decided to make lasagna.  Undaunted by the fact that I had no noodles, I threw caution to the wind and made my own damn pasta sheets (directions here).  While the dough was resting, I sliced and grilled an eggplant.  And while the pasta was drying a little, I made a vat of cheese sauce (directions here).  It all went together like clockwork.  Here’s a photo; 


Oh, it’s good.  I know I’m blowing my own trumpet but there’s something about this one that just rocks.  It could be the vast amount of home-grown basil (starting to flower – it’s so pretty!) in the sauce or the scent of the fresh nutmeg in the cheese.  It might be the slug of good red wine in the sauce or the pasta – who knows?  But it’s good.  Very good.  Perfect ratio of cheese sauce to meat (which is about double what anyone else seems to recommend).  The eggplant is smokey and tender and just adds a slight chew.

And I’m happy. 

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4 Responses to A Good Day

  1. awalkabout says:

    Oooo! What time is dinner! We’ll be over! 🙂

  2. ninazer0 says:

    There’s not much left, sad to say. The Husband had some for breakfast…

  3. brilynn says:

    I could eat a nice homemade lasagna like that every night of the week, it looks delicious!

  4. Amardeep says:

    WOW!!!! that looks amazing. I had some aubergine lasagne a few days ago and this reminds me of it. minus the meat of course. Yummy!

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