Restaurant Review: Temasek

We weren’t planning on going out for dinner last night, and we certainly weren’t planning on going to Temasek.  Truth be told, out first choice of the evening – a cheapo sushi place – had just closed and this was the next nearest choice.  What a serendipitous decision! You know … Continue reading

Coles Price Discrepancy

Can someone please explain to me how a 1 kilogram block of tasty cheese can average $6 at Aldi stores where a similar block will average $11 dollars at Coles?  Both cheese are produced in Australia.  Both are generic “tasty” and both are quite good quality.  Would it have something to … Continue reading

Banana Cake with Lime Icing

As regular readers will know, I got some beautiful cake pans into stock before Christmas.  Well, I resisted temptation for as long as I could before finally succumbing today and abducting some from the shop for my very own.  My rationale is that I can hardly sell something if I … Continue reading

Eating Out – Things that annoy me

1)  Tiny Tables I’m aware that you’re paying a lot of money in rent and therefore need to squeeze in as many people as possible, but you’re going to get a lot more repeat business out of me if I’m not elbowing the person at the next table or (WORST … Continue reading