Movie Review – Gabriel

I don’t normally review movies because there are more than enough people to be opinionated (usually at length) about these things. However… I’d just like to say that the movie Gabriel rocks.  Granted, it’s not classic, high-art cinema, but it is good.  It gets better when you understand that it was … Continue reading


Whilst visiting the Nicholson Museum (see previous entry re Egyptian Antiquities) I had a breif look around the lovely Neo-Gothic architecture and took some photo’s of the various imps, grues and other gargoyles (including a very cute owl) that you can find around the buildings. This was taken with a … Continue reading

Secret Egypt in Sydney – The Nicholson Museum

Today I finally got back to see the Nicholson Museum at Sydney University, which houses Australia’s largest permanent collection of Antiquities (covering Egypt, Greece, Rome, Asia Minor and a few Celtic objects). It’s a hodge-podge of stuff- essentially the collection is the result of the Victorian passion for collecting the … Continue reading